A.B. Steel Fabrication supplies aluminium fabricated products to a wide range of industries throughout Western Australia. We provide lightweight and large scale constructions for industries, commercial spaces and residential areas.

The demand for aluminium products have grown as aluminium is a highly flexible product, that is both strong and highly beneficial for constructions where durability is the key. Aluminium can be moulded to create any kind of shape through different fabrication processes as it allows for fine bending, cutting, welding and machine preparations. It’s also heat and corrosion resistant, making it ideal for indoor as well as outdoor constructions.

Aluminium can be applied to make aluminium frames and brackets, columns and window awnings, for commercial properties. We also offer aluminium patios for residential homes as well as commercial properties.

Here is just a small list of our aluminium services:

  • Aluminium patios
  • Aluminium frames and brackets
  • Aluminium gates
  • Aluminium staircases
  • Aluminium columns
  • Aluminium sculptures and architectural metal work
  • Aluminium awnings

No matter what your design and functional requirements are, A. B. Steel Fabrication will help you develop cutting edge solutions in aluminium fabrication constructions.  Our workshop is Osborne Park is equipped to handle large scale projects and our staff are experienced to handle any job.

We provide a complete solution that ensures your project is on budget and on time! Call us to discuss your next project, or complete our contact form.